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Prefer low-carbon electricity

Carbon intensity of electricity varies from one hour to another. Reduce your electric consumption and postpone some consumption to prefer low-carbon electricity!

Carbon intensity forecast

Right now

Critical for the climate

Be careful, right now, electricity consumption uses more fossil fuels than average!

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Carbon intensity forecasts


Moderated for the climate


Comfortable for the climate


Comfortable for the climate


Comfortable for the climate


Comfortable for the climate

Forecasts are displayed for timezone Europe/Paris

Why should you use adapt?

This tool allows us to reduce the carbon footprint of our electricity consumption and to reduce the use of fossil fuel plants (coal, oil or gas) that balance the electricity grid.

How does it work?

Depending on the variation in electricity consumption, and on the variation of variable renewable electricity production (solar and/or wind, on top of non-variable low-carbon electricity sources (hydro, biomass, nuclear)), the carbon intensity of the electricity varies a lot from one another to another. adapt uses weather forecasts to predict the relative variation of carbon intensity in specific electric grids.